Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blastit blasts clean everything

The celebrity status notwithstanding, when it comes to blasting clean a cracking structure, commercial or industrial none may do it like the mobile blast cleaning company, ‘Blastit’ that works all day long throughout the areas of London and the surrounding counties.

Using the technique of compressed air and also the abrasive materials, they simply revamp a tattered structure into absolute grace and as good as new.

Working on a number of different surfaces like wood, steel concrete or even fibreglass for that matter, they simply do refurbishing as such that once the work is finished one may simply watch speechless and in awe. Any paint coating or rust related problem or anything else similar; ‘Blastit’ simply does the trick and polishes everything fine as before.

An array of treatments depending on the nature of a surface, to be cleaned is used. A thorough guide of all the cleaning procedures is listed on the official Blastit website for one’s referral. Apart from the normal treatment of industrial, commercial or private structures they also do polishing and surface cleaning to boats and planes as well.

In fact, working on a ‘Dakota’ fuselage during the filming of ‘Band of Brothers’ was a celebrity moment for the team of ‘Blastit’. Based in Essex the 1979 established company has never looked back ever since and gone from strength to strength adding one after another feather to their crowns.

Mobile sandblasting in London is our key service. Blastit Limited offers wide range of mobile blast cleaning services including beam cleaning, steel cleaning, turbine cleaning and osmosis treatment.

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